inconvenient truth

ever have days where your shortcomings in character catch up to you? maybe not huge areas...but just the eternally frustrating ones? sometimes it seems like the pieces of my life that i'm aware i need change in are the hardest ones to see actual progress form.


i got so much done at work today it was ridiculous. sometimes i can be a machine. of course other times i have about a negative fifteen second attention span. but today was good...it felt good to get so much done.


the oscars last night were a severe disappointment. i think i disagreed with practically every award given. not that i ever agree with all of them, but usually they make some sort of sense. last night was a disgrace to the movies that came out this past year.


so there's three random unconnected thoughts. just so you know...the title is referring to the first random thought. it's just a nifty little tie-in that it coincides with the third.


i'm going to bed.


matt0ne said...

So, i take it you didn't like the departed. Ok, so I secretly wanted Babel to win - it moved me on levels I haven't experienced in a long time. I love that Jennifer whats-her-name won. I think that was awesome. It would have been fun to have Eddie Murphy win too.

joeldaniel said...

i thought the departed was ok. but that's it...just ok. the only reason it got the oscar was because it was the equivalent of a make-up call (for all you sports fans) for scorsese. i didn't see Dreamgirls, so i can't say whether or not Jennifer should have won, but i have reservations about that one. and if you're the star of "Norbit" there's no way you should be up for any award for anything, i don't care what else you did. oh well. like i said...i didn't think any of the awards were spot on. the best part of the night was Will Ferrel & company's ballad.

Bob Robinson said...

I think I'm the only one who just doesn't get The Departed.

Big actors, okay. Macho director, cool.

So the plot is intriguing up until the point where it resolves in everyone blowing each other's heads off at point-blank range. That's the clever ending? I could have written that in Junior High.

That's an Oscar-winning movie?

joeldaniel said...

no worries bob...we're on the same page here.