gripping images

my good friend, al, emailed me this link...

Time's Pics of 2006

i took a few minutes to look at them and they took my breath away. the punch in the gut sort of breath stealing. i think i could probably write a journal entry for each picture. but i'll just mention two...

"the final traces". won my vote. and made me sick. literally.

"a horse that would". my jaded, cynical view of America hardened even more. how can, amidst the rest of these pictures of oppression, strife, poverty, war, and pain, how can we really care about this horse? a country that spent 11 billion dollars on pet food in 2005, and can only come up with 15 billion over FIVE years to give to AIDS relief. i think i'm going to be sick again.

i looked at all these pictures, purely by accident, while listening to Oh My God by Jars of Clay. a most appropriate sound track. i recommend it if you decide to view the link.

oh my God...what a wretched world we've made...save us from ourselves.

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