doing nothing (well?)

days like today, i think, are the reason why i keep my schedule so busy. because when i accidentally stumble upon a day where i have nothing scheduled, it disappears into nothing. literally. i don't know if i really accomplished anything today. at all. and, of course, when you have nothing to do, maybe part of the point is to do nothing. but what i don't think i have learned how to do is to do nothing well. i don't feel particularly refreshed after today. i don't feel reenergized and ready to tackle the world. i just feel like i wasted a day. now maybe this is because i am just too production oriented. but i think part of the reason for today is my weird introvert/extrovert mix, which decided to be extroverted this weekend. except there was no one around.

i think my favorite part of today was taking a nap and sitting and reflecting. i was with a friend last weekend and we were sitting and reflecting and they asked "do you do this often?" and i said "no" and then i sat and reflected on sitting and reflecting. and decided i should take time to do it more often. so i sat and reflected for like three minutes today. and it was good. though i think it's better to sit and reflect with other people. i think that's the quaker silent meeting part of me speaking.

i also enjoyed listening to mates of state today. so there's that. (hmmm...what is that last sentence a quote from? besides likely a million movies. but i'm thinking of it in relation to one movie...the inflection of the voice in my head is saying it in a specific way.)

this is possibly one of the most rambling, weird posts ever. that's the beauty (/terrifying part) of my blog...one day you'll get random creative writing, another day some politcal rant, another day some theological wandering/wondering, and then you'll end up with a day like today. where the nothing of my day spilled into a post of random nothingness. phew. i'm done.

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Big Al said...

hey...it's good to have an "off" day. A day of nothingness and un-productivity (is that a word?)...in a weird way it is productive. hmmmm....

I think it is a beautiful part of your blog. The political ranting with the theological discussions to absolute rambling. It's all needed.

Three minutes is a long time... I wonder how Paul did it for three years (I started this paragraph a bit sarcastic, but now I'm serious...three minutes can seem like forever. honestly.)