frustration is mine

yeah. i can't figure out how to change this thing at all. i made a sweet header. it won't work. i tried all sorts of google searches to sort out html stuff. it all hates me. i had a snow day. it's wrapping up and everything here still looks the same. cause i'm a moron, apparently. oh well. grrr.


matty said...

i might be able to help. I eat pieces of html for breakfast.

Big Al said...

I eat eggs for breakfast. Therefore, I probably would not be very helpful in your endeavor.

I understand your frustration, I just go with blogger templates that I find from others who eat html for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

joeldaniel said...

i don't eat breakfast. maybe that's my problem.

Bob Robinson said...

Oh come on. Get a grip, maaaaan!

It looks good to me so far. Welcome to blogger. I've been doing this for a while so maybe I can help.

But I eat mini-wheats for breakfast.