i wore sandals

this morning i woke up to the sound of rain.

december in ohio was rather warm this year. so was january, actually. unseasonably high temperatures allowed many pleasant days of walking to work and also of not having to listen to the incessant grumbling that we northeast ohioneers seem to be so adept at. i honestly don't understand why some people live here...i think it's really just to have something to continually complain about. i personally love our weird weather. it adds spontaneity to life.

and then the blizzard came. just when i was about to start some complaining myself, we got lambasted with a beautiful pile of snow. and all was good in the world. i love deep winter.

and today i woke up to rain.

like anyone else, i can tire of winter after awhile. as much as i love the snow, i love it like my attention span thinks about most things...in short amounts. preferably a lot in that short time, but i need some variety before long. so waking up to rain today made me glad. partially because lying in bed listening to the sound of rain is one of the few things for me that never gets old. also because i'm ready for spring. knowing ohio, winter will revisit us a few more times before spring shows up in proper form. but that's ok, because i know that spring is on the horizon.

and so in celebration today of spring, of march 1st, of rain...
i wore sandals.

and all was well.

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Big Al said...

amen to sandal wearing!

I remember my summers in Beaver Falls, living with grandma. She let me live in the room that had a small porch attached. When the summer rain came I would lie in bed and listen to the rain tap on the tin ceiling of that porch. It was beautiful to my ears in more ways than one. I would sit on the little step with all the lights out and just listen and listen to the rain fall.

Thank you for bringing back such a wonderful memory...