in other news...

after a long hiatus, i have begun posting on the dLog again (something a couple friends of mine and i started several years back...a blogging of our devotions & responses).


i know it's been forever since i really updated this thing, but it's because i've been busy with the blog above and a blog that i'm running for Jr. High students about the book "Be The Change" by Zach Hunter. one of these days i'll get back to more interesting fare back on here.


Dan said...

Let's see if this one will work. Periodically I try to leave you a comment. This is probably attempt #3.

Man, I wish I had twoish months.

The one thing that is cool is that you can get crazy cheap airfare across Europe. I can fly from London to Dublin to Rome to Paris for a total of as low as 38 Euros. That's like under $60.

Big Al said...

thanks for a mini update.