name it and claim it

today i bought a dryer. i officially own both a washer and a dryer. this afternoon i christened them with two loads of laundry. and all was well in the world of my clothing. i bought it from this place called Habitat ReStore, and it's run by Habitat for Humanity and helps them get money to pay for the work they do. they were having a 50% off sale today, so i was able to score it for a rather cheap price. i was most nervous about being able to actually get the one i wanted...when i showed up, 10 minutes before they even opened this morning, there was already a line down the sidewalk. thankfully it was still unclaimed when i got inside, so i now possess a beautifully old school kenmore dryer. i was joking around with a friend last night that it was my own little version of "name it and claim it"...just find an employee, name what you want, and they'll make sure you can walk out with it. i was just glad i was able to find Bob, the nice older gentleman who helped me out this morning, so i could get it before the hordes of fellow bargainites grabbed it up.

i also witnessed an attempted robbery today. and had dinner with swell folk. what an eventful day.

i also made of when people make a list of what they do during the day and put it on their blog.

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