this past week i drove. a lot. something like 1700 miles. so now i'm tired. been in a bit of blog funk recently...posting on weird, random things. and it's not been for a lack of things happening. just a lack of thought development around the variety of these things to the point where i feel comfortable documenting it in such a way as the entire world can quote me on it.

this one who was risen today is genius. i want to be fully enamored with him. we look at creation and see beauty both intricate and varied. recently i have looked much at those who have surrounded me in life at the present moment...and have seen and experienced emotion; intense, complicated, diverse. surely he who wove all this feeling into his creation is beyond words. just as you can never fully describe any single emotion, so much more can i properly speak of the one who put these feelings into motion at the beginning of time. that we should be people of such diversity...diversity of thought...in even just one day or one hour. joyful, nervous, loving, overwhelmed, stressed, thrilled, exhausted, peaceful, exuberant, broken. and pieced together again. to think that i share these same thoughts with all of humanity, from the beginning of time. on this day, all those years ago, what were they feeling? was it perhaps so much more than could be summed up in words? Creator recreated...and his creation astonished in wonderment. and today awe runs through our veins and floods our thoughts, mixing with our immediate experiences and tinging them toward worship.

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