a composition being made up of small, often diverse pieces of a medium to create a greater picture.

i've been at CCO Spring Institute this week at Geneva College in PA. it's been both very refreshing and good as well as rather difficult and stressful. it's been good for a variety of reasons...community, encouragement, times of rest, being away. it's been difficult for a number of reasons as well. and all of these pieces have formed a week that will surely leave an impression on me.

tonight we were encouraged to think of our lives as a mosaic...of all the pieces and parts that come together to make up the whole. and it was a picture that struck me. most pieces in a mosaic are broken...broken and then made to be a part of a whole. and i feel like this reflects my life, more often than not. there's more pieces that are broken and the hope is that somehow these broken bits will be woven together to create something worthwhile. but that's frustrating to walk through at times. or there are those times when it seems your broken pieces have sharper edges than usual.

but they are, nonetheless, forming a greater picture together, aren't they?


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